There is never a shortage of things to look at whether it is a school of Mackerel skyrocketing bait or a mother dolphin  teaching her baby to corral mullet into the shallows. Sarasota is truly diverse. From snook and Tarpon just outside of the surf to Redfish and trout in seagrass pastures we call Flats. There is something here for every kind of fisherman.


       The Pathfinder 2200v is my fishing vessel of choice. The boat is rigged with ample fishing space. There is plenty of dry storage as well as a cooler and two 40 gallon live wells. We fish with only the finest equipment like complete Quantum spinning combos and  Tibor and Temple Fork fly setups. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a newcomer wanting to simply wet a line, you are guaranteed a fun and memorable time out on the water.